Baby Heartbeat Monitor – Fetal baby beat Listener


This application lets mother, father or everyone to listen to your baby’s Heartbeats and the other sounds in your tummy with no accessory required.









Share experience with your lovely family:

Baby Heartbeat Monitor connects pregnant women to listen, record your baby’s heart, movement and share the baby’s sound. You can share records, add an image to your family and friends via email, Facebook, Line , Whatapp, WeChat etc.






Instruction guide:

1. This application works best after reaching week 30.
2. Before using this application, we recommend using the airplane mode to stop all mobile and Internet transmissions.
3. Take the iPhone out of its case. Make sure that the microphone is not blocked.
4. Using in a very QUIET room.







Easy tracking progress : 

This application provides important information helping new mother to track and keep the pregnant growth.





Please consult with your medical team for any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health because this application is not for a medical use.


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